“I provide the music that brings back the memories of your lives.”   ~JTDOG

Music is my life.  It’s what I do full-time, and something in which I strongly believe.  I play music that brings back all those memories of yesterday and revives the soul.  My favorite songs are usually those that have a good message, positive outlook, or just simply make you remember a different time in your life and make you smile as you remember.  Familiar songs, interaction, and a little silliness along the way bring smiles, involvement and fond memories.  Who among us hasn’t felt a tug at our heart when we hear a song we haven’t heard in years?  Sometimes it reminds us of a time long forgotten, or maybe we even remember the smell of the place we were when we first heard a song.  I play that music in all venues.  That’s the power of music, and I provide music that can open those doors for people, including our seniors.  It’s not Red Bull that gives you wings – It’s MUSIC.

JTDOG provides TWO areas of music; (Please scroll down for my PUBLIC ventures)

Area 1: Assisted Living/Developmentally Disabled Services (Private)

The fist is that I play for our seniors and for developmentally disabled folks.  This video below is of my playing at a rehabilitation center in Oshkosh, where seniors also reside.  The videos page shows more examples of these types of music services I provide.

In my senior music sessions, I encourage participation  and involvement in every group setting and give each person a reason to smile, enjoy, laugh, and feel good with the music that flows through me.  I engage residents and provide a positive message of encouragement with a bit of silliness along the way to keep it fun and interesting.  I strive to leave each person feeling better than when I got there.  Once I’m done I always have residents asking when I’m coming back.  The difference I provide is that I truly care about my mission.  I think that comes through in my sessions, and want to help as many as I can.  Many don’t understand how much of an impact music has on the brain.  I’m here to change that and enhance lives by helping to educate others about the awesome effects music has.  Residents suffering with Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease can reap huge benefits listening and engaging in music.

Dr. Peter Davies from the Feinstein Institute, North Shore -LIJ, Discoverer of the science behind Aricept, spent 38 years working on Alzheimer’s Disease and admits: “I haven’t done anything for patients that’s as effective as the music therapy is.”  -from the documentary Alive Inside.

Area 2: Public Venues

JTDOG also provides music in public venues such as taverns/bars, outdoor events, private parties and anything in between.  This is where I get to delve into an area of music I would not be able to play in assisted living facilities.  I love to play 60s, 70s, and 80s rock: (Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Sweet, Lobo, REO Speedwagon, etc), as well as old-school country (Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Hank Williams Sr., Glenn Campbell, etc.)  I have a complete song list on the Song List tab of this website.  I am always adding songs just because I love what I do and just can’t get enough!  I have all my own gear, and I don’t skimp on quality!  I also provide music between my sets to keep your customers engaged.  There is no place too big or too small!  I can adapt to most any situation!